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Since 1979,we began as pesticide and fungicide 's dealer with many countries, then we import them become to be the major pesticide's importer in thailand. We have confidense to our customers to our customer as England, Germany, United States,Spain,Taiwan,India and China. We have the first plant at Bangkuntien for the past year.L.N.R. associates co.,ltd.has currently plant at Nakorn Pathom right now and being the agricultural chemicals's leader in thailand.


L.N.R. has the vision of becoming the leading of the agricultural chemicals in thailand by sourcing key as raw materials from quality factories worldwide.We are also focused on developing our product and services using advanced technology and facilities, and giving importance to our customer's satisfaction the quality,warranty,timely delivery,and building the good relationship with customers and suppliers.


We stand for quality product and keep continuing to combine the technology with our production line under strictly quality control in whole procedures.We plan to the administration and using the strategy for stepping up to the leader position of production house and distribution the product in thailand.Our goal is to keep continue with high quality production while striving for the most efficiency in every process.We plan to increase a business unit by entrusted to growing our business throughout Asia.


imidacloprid 10% W/V SL

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Commitment to product service and staff development to focus on the customer satisfaction.


Not only we try on our best quality for the better life with Thai's farmer, but also has quality's staff to work.


Regarding to our policy that refer to emphasize on quality product and respond directly to our customer's need.

The quality control department.

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Destination : 1. Raw materials, manufactured goods and finished goods must be checked by standard. 2. Tools and equipment used in the analysis. Must be calibrated. And maintenance is always available. 3. Problems encountered (NCR) have been analyzed for the prevention and resolution.